Mali App Demo: Toca Robot Lab

Mali's and Leo's Toca Boca app fandom has been recognized, as you can see by the excellent Toca Boca tee she's sporting in the video below. Malil is demonstrating one of the apps she has in heavy rotation, Toca Robot Lab -- which lets her create robots and then guide them through mazes before they are dispatched to the great robot unknown.

Once again, our thanks to Toca Boca for making motivating, easy-to-use apps!

We are grateful to Toca Boca for gifting our family this app (and the t-shirt) but the opinions expressed in this space are ours and ours alone. As always, we only review the apps we consider worth reviewing -- though we have a sizeable app review backlog.

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  1. The iPad may be on my birthday list. . .


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