I Want to Ride My Bicycle...

...so my parents and school team wrote it into my IEP.

(So proud of our boy. Video stops right before some deft fence-avoiding maneuvers. Vestibular system operating at capacity, methinks)


  1. WOW!!

    That is friggin' AWESOME!

    Go Leo!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog in a bit of a crazy dance as I tried to find a suitable case for my iPad 2. I just began working as an ABA tutor for kids with autism and I need a case for just this reason! I found your blog witty, useful, and well... Awesome. Also the video of your son laughing on the Disney ride made laugh and almost cry because the glee was palpable. Thanks for letting me visit this tiny glimpse of your life today.

  3. This made me cry big, fat, ugly but oh-so-happy tears for Leo!! And for the hope it stirs in my heart for Nik. Thanks for sharing this! xo

    (OMG! My word verification? heride !!!)

  4. So awesome! Go Leo, go!

  5. Shannon Farmer12:13 PM

    That is HUGE! Awsome job, Leo!

  6. Shannon, how beautiful. Great job Leo!!! My son rides his bike because of school personnel working very hard for years. Now it's something he can do with cousins, which is wonderful.

  7. LOVE love LOVE this! Go Leo Go!


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