Leo's World: in MacWorld

Leo and his iPad were featured in MacWorld, PCWorld and a bunch of related sites a couple of weeks ago -- something I completely forgot to mention here on the blog. The articles focus on how the iPad has helped Leo become more independent in his learning and play, and why it is so motivating for him. Here's an excerpt from the article:
"The iPad, [yours truly] said, has changed Leo for the better, making him more independent. And she’s quick to point out that he’s still an 11-year-old boy who deserves to play sometimes, which he also does on the family’s iPad."
The articles also feature the video below, which documents slices of our family's afternoon routine. I go into more detail in the video about the features of the iPad that entice Leo, and how his attention span has increased as a result. I also talk a bit about parents' expectations of having a perfect child, plus how it's often Leo's sisters who make parenting challenging for me -- not Leo. And, of course, I acknowledge that we have a great life.

Leo was having a rough day when the video was filmed, but the reporter was able to capture a balanced portrait. There is also much Mali mugging. Overall, though, it's a nice snapshot of this time in our lives.


  1. What a great video!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. It'll be one to look back on, for certain.

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    What an awesome video, and what a great way of raising awareness! I'm in awe.. :)

  4. I loved this. Thanks for sharing it!


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