Polar Bear Plunges and Other Changes in Routine

Breaks are always interesting for Leo. His school prefers for doctor visits to happen outside school times, so I tend to pack non-school weekdays full of medical appointments. And outings! The former are generally tolerated with mild to moderate protests, the latter are tolerated and often enjoyed -- but all are discombobulating because Leo's off routine, the constants that help keep him oriented are elusive, and anything different is bad.

How much more disorienting, then, to have a sudden heatwave in the middle of a "ski week" break, as we did today? It was 80°F in our town! The heat upended the weather constant, and had Leo all done with being at the mercy of caprice. He demanded that he be afforded the privilege that usually accompanies warm weather: a dip in the pool. So what if it is February! He is also not one to risk the whims of his capricious mother: he got himself into his swim gear before I could tell him no.

I opened the pool, figuring it would only take one toe in that icy water and he'd be back in the house -- but no. He and his not-to-be-outdone little sister spent a good half hour jumping in and out of the pool; both even jumped in fully a few times.

Leo's a tough kid, it takes more than a Polar Bear Plunge to scare him away from one of his favorite activities. And he demonstrated more of his increasingly characteristic tolerance today by letting the ophthalmologist examine his eyes with an auto-refractor machine, which he's never done before. Yesterday he let his dentist give him a relatively thorough exam without me needing to sit with him too. Years of practice and years to mature, they make a difference for our boy.

He's put in his time with the medical community; tomorrow we'll start the outings. Tomorrow we'll be going to CalAcademy, Friday I'm hoping we can hit Muir Woods. And then Monday Leo will head back to school, and all will be well -- or at least predictable -- in his world.


  1. You are brave! I cannot imagine doing all those dr visits in one week. SO glad you guys get to do the (mostly) fun things now.

  2. We try to do the same about doctor's appointments-- but everyone has the same idea and the doctor is booked by the time I remember to call!

    GREAT about the dentist and eye doctor.

    Charlie did a full-out Jersey SHore ocean swim last April wearing only his swim trunks -- the water was 40 or so degrees but he could have cared less (a problem; a swimming pool dip would have been far preferable).

  3. Thanks, Brenda. School resumes tomorrow, and Leo will be relieved.

    Kristina, I can't believe/can totally believe Charlie did that. Priorities.


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