10 Years of Squidalicious

I suppose there should be more fanfare about one's ten year blogging anniversary (which I've missed by a couple of days), but Dude, it's summer, we're all in a relatively good space, and I'm focusing on appreciating what we've got in the IRL. I'll write something soon in this space about our trip to Ghana, and you can read my recent interview with Dr. Paul Offit, until then.

For some serious contrast with how things are now, here is me heading off into the misguided autism/biomed wilds one decade ago.

And for some visuals on where our priorities are now, here's Leo showing his innate wave riding skills in San Diego, last week:


  1. All I can say is thank you.

  2. I think I've been here for 8 or 9 of those years, reading your blog. Happy tenth! Thanks for all that you do.

  3. Thanks, folks. I would never have predicted this level of mellow & happy ten years ago. Feeling very lucky.

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Yours was the first blog I found that didn't belong to someone I knew already (I think you were on a sidebar on a friend's blog or something). Probably ... 9 years ago? I don't have the autism connection (although quirky... yes) but my kids are pretty similar ages to yours. And I live on the Peninsula as well. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your blog over the years.

  5. MI Dawn6:51 AM

    Hi, Shannon. I started reading your blog a few years ago (I think Mali was a baby), following a link you had put into a comment (I don't remember what or where now). You were so positive and upbeat about how Leo was doing, that when I went back and started at the beginning, I had to check several times to make sure I was on the same blog! Your honesty in how you developed your anti-vax views and then changed your mind is refreshing. I'll continue to read and enjoy.

    Enjoy your summer!


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