Leo Turns Our Car Into an iPad!

We got a new minivan. Same minivan as the older minivan, so, still the perfect balance of convenience and whatever the feminine version of emasculation is. But this is a 2013 model, which means it comes with things like hands-free cell phone integration (whoa!) and a USB port that connects to Leo's iPad.

The latter is rather mind-blowing, especially to Leo, because it turns the ENTIRE CAR into an iPad speaker. Have you ever heard an app like the wacky, free-form, psychedelic Cosmic Top in full surround sound? Or the PFUDOR video? Or Monsters Inc?

I love living in the future. Especially a future that gives our boy yet another way to be really damn happy.


  1. Once again, you win "best mom ever" because I cannot handle ipad sounds.. but maybe if it was played over the car stereo instead of the tinny iPad one I would be able to tolerate it? hmm must investigate!

  2. Which van did you get? We are heading into the senior years of our Nissan Quest - feel like it's going to die someday soon. We have loved it, but not sure what to get next.

  3. @jen, worth a shot.

    @Becky, Honda Odyssey. A fine vehicle.


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