My Own Personal Kaiju

Leo has been a fish for a long time, what with taking to swimming and body surfing without needing lessons, as fish do. And he's a social fish, an affectionate fish -- he doesn't like to swim by himself, and specifically he wants his parents to swim with him. His dad is the better sport about this, as you might suspect -- I'd not been in the pool once this summer, and my preferred pool participation position is from the sidelines, as this photo demonstrates.

But, since Leo is nothing if not persistent,  he made sure I finally went swimming yesterday. As I leaned over the side of the pool to ask him to come out, and offered my hand to help him exit, he leapt out of the water like a Category III Kaiju, grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the pool with him.

I suppose if we had needed to go anywhere afterward, or if I was wearing shoes or a watch or carrying my phone, I would have been upset. But since it was a wide open weekend afternoon, as I know better than to bring any such things into the splash zone, and since all that really happened was my getting to experience what my family has been telling me for months -- that the water is the perfect temperature -- I enjoyed the experience for what it was: the physical embodiment of our good fortune of living in California and having a pool. Being in the water felt so ... great.

And then I hauled Leo's butt out of the pool because, you know, follow through. All three of our kids are masters of the feint and the redirect, and as parents our words need to mean something.

But I might actually get in the pool voluntarily, before this summer's out. Thanks to Leo, my own personal Kaiju.

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Glad to hear you're back safely and the kids are doing well! Makes me want to jump in a pool now, despite myself. ;-) Can't wait to hear about your time in Ghana!

    - Beth


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