She Like Electric

She Like Electric

Bonus points if you know the reference without leaning on the Internet.

She Like Electric

This pretty much sums up Mali's personality, don't you think, MB? You just had "lunch" with me and my youngest, because Mali's non-compliance at this morning's visit to her dentist meant that an appointment I'd set aside an hour for actually only took five minutes, which was enough time to determine that her tooth enamel is really porous and that she has a few cavities and that the dentist will never ever be able to fill them without sedating her, so I had to go drop off a pre-sedation health evaluation at Mali's pediatrician, whose office is in your town, and meant I had a bonus social time slot. There was much wonderful conversation but very little sitting still during that "lunch." Although Mali did not have an accident during a morning spent entirely in underwear and which took her through several hours' worth of errands.

She still prefers to answer to Charles the Dog, BTW.

Do you have lovely plans for Valentine's Day? The morning after I made our dinner reservations, the restaurant I'd selected was on the front page of the local paper for giving sixty people food poisoning. For some reason Seymour insisted on canceling the reservation, even though I said that the restaurant was very very very likely to have cleaned up its act and then some by the time V-day arrived. So we are doing random Italian. But I'd be happy doing random IHOP with my man, as long as the kids have been stowed elsewhere.

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