Knocked Over by Three Very Large Feathers

Knocked Over by Three Very Large Feathers

I had a very large argument with Iz during which she rationalized and made excuses and interrupted so badly that I sentenced her to silence for the remainder of the car ride home (if you know Iz, you know she'd prefer bamboo splinters under her nails). The next morning she came up to me and said, "Mommy, I understand now what you were saying to me last night. You were right. I apologize for losing my temper." !!?!??!

Three nights ago Mali noticed me cooking dinner. She then went to the cupboard, got out dishes (kept at kid-level so the little monsters can help set the table) and set out plates for everyone in their usual dining spots. Without a comment, without being asked. Who is this kid? (Less amazing but more amusing: yesterday I asked her what was inside her head. She said, "Um, nuffing. Just batteries.")

Tonight Leelo came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my neck, put his cheek next to mine, and said, "I want to play with Mommy." (He got his wish, but had to wait until Mommy stopped sniffling). While he has always been a loving boy, many of his "affectionate" actions are rooted in sensory seeking ("Want a kiss, please" really means he wants pressure on his sinuses, never on his mouth or cheek). But tonight he was being genuinely social and sweet. *Swoon*

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