Mali vs. Dental Sedation

Mali vs. Dental Sedation

Mali just spent three hours under dental sedation. Now that she's out, I am finally exhaling.

Whereas we know Mali as the cute though strong-willed child who nevertheless lets us brush her teeth thoroughly, to her dentist she is a screaming, non-compliant, rotten-toothed little monkey. (I suppose I should be grateful that the porous Rosenberg enamel my youngest has inherited did not show up in her older siblings' mouths.)

They knocked her out with an initial shot to the thigh; then they took her back for IV sedation and intubation. She had her teeth cleaned, polished, x-rayed, filled, fluoride-varnished, and sealed in one shot, while her mom sat fretting in the lobby. She was mad as hell when she woke up but otherwise seems fine.

Many thanks to Jo Spanglemonkey for coming to stay with Leelo during his lunch break. Otherwise I'm not sure how I could have made Mali's appointment happen -- Seymour is off to a conference for the next four days, and Leelo is out of school on *cough* ski week.

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