Imitation of Mali

Imitation of Mali

Seven-year-old Leelo is really starting to imitate his three-year-old sister. I find this amusing.

When offering them lunch yesterday, I said, "Who wants PB&J sandwiches?"

Mali, instantly: "I do!"
Leelo, after two more beats: "I do!" (He has never said that before, in his life.)

Tonight while doing the evening sit-both-younger-kids-on-their-toilets-and-hope-to-God-one-of-them-at-least-produces laptop online video routine (oh, bless you, videos.sesamestreet.org), I asked them what they wanted to watch:

Leelo: "Want to watch Elmo!"
Mali: "I want to watch Cookie Monster"
Leelo: "Want to watch Cookie Monster!"

This is more than mere echolalia. He is actively observing his little sister to see what he should say in given situations. Iz has always talked far too much for him to use her as his model.

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