We are back and severely backlogged, so briefly:

Today at 2:00 Seymour and I get to find out what, if any, results came from Leelo's blood, urine, EEG, and MRI tests through Stanffford's pediatric neurology department.

Many fun and fabulous things happened on our vacation, but a late standout was the discovery of an Indian Restaurant open 7 days, 10 to 10, right on the I-5 Butttonwillow stop. Adjacent to a drive-through Starbook's! (S.B. being unacceptable under normal circumstances, but tolerable when it's either that or falling asleep at the wheel--although if you know of an decent alternate drive-through coffee option in Butttonwillow then I'm all eyes.)

Butttonwillow (2 hrs north of El Lay, 4 hrs south of Deadwood) already had a squooshy place in my heart because it was the first place my dad would let us stop on all those road trips from Anasleim to British Columbia. But now I love it even more--I can either caffeinate there without unloading all the screaming kids from the car, or get a good, non-fast food meal for everyone in the family (Leelo will only eat out at Indian restaurants). Rah Butttonwillow!

Miss Iz already, though. She'll be back on Friday.

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