We are spending the weekend up north with Iz's fiance M (arranged marriage) and his mom Hailey. I am taking everyone to meet two of the artists whose works brighten our home--I am a selfish git and usually travel to this weekend's art fest by myself, so Seymour has no idea who these brilliant, talented people are.

I had today all set for guest prepping (moving various piles of crap around the house to create the illusion of tidiness), but then poor Pat the Cat got a ruptured abscess on his neck and had to go to the vet, and Therapist L cancelled this afternoon's session due to illness. All this means my free time went kablooey. But the guests aren't coming for another two hours, so I just may be able to pull it together. Except I'm already wrecked. Sigh. Oh well.

I had a horrible dream about Leelo last night, in which his behavior spiraled out of control so severely that Seymour and I were considering institutionalizing him. Horrible, horrible dream. The kind where you wake up with your heart pounding and ready to burst.

We had a funny exchange about colors yesterday, a rather complicated conversation for him:

Me: "Leelo, what color is this bracelet?"
Leelo: "NO!"
Me: (huh?) "Leelo, what color is this bracelet?"
Leelo: "NO!"
Me: (urp?) "Leelo, is this bracelet blue?"
Leelo: "NO! It's a BANGLE." (true enough)
Me: "Oh. What color is the bangle?"
Leelo: "The bangle is green!" (correct)

And there you go. Have a great weekend. We'll be back Sunday or Monday.

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