Busy Busy

I don't understand how our lives get so busy. For the past two days my schedules have had zero downtime. Well, maybe two ten-minute breaks. I blame it on actually cooking dinner from scratch both days. The jam-packedness resulted in my collapsing on the couch both nights as soon as darling Seymour started the kiddie bath time routine which he has, for the last few months, handled every single evening. This means he got to attack the completely trashed kitchen afterwards as well. Both times. So now he is on a much-deserved bike ride.

A lot else has been going on but I don't have the energy to blog it. Probably the biggest dealie is the acquisition of a new car that Seymour calls Il Monstro. It is the most overdesigned vehicle I've ever encountered--Seymour says that, given time, I will figure out how to operate the missile launcher. But it hauls three kiddies in car seats plus all the baby gear.

Godfather M cackled mightily when I told him about our purchase--he understands how shaming it is to me to take on such a ride, no matter how gleaming and practical.

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