Medical Updates. Fascinating Stuff!

Even though such entries were already spotty and rare, do not expect to read another word on this site that would qualify as ruminations. Nope. No literature, politics, no analyses of my friends. Too preoccupied. Just blow-by-blow facts from here on out.

Tuesday (two days ago) was a big med visit day for both me and Leelo.

First we went to my OB. I was 35 weeks as of that day, and now need to see her every week. I'm guessing the next visit is when all the coochie-poking for dilation and effacement begins. Fark.

I also lost three pounds, probably from all that D-land walking and also from skipping my customary Thursday morning cafe omelette plate, but my doctor is not worried.

She did take time out to ask me what I thought about vaccines and autism, and to point out that Dr. Wakefields's MMR research was based on a very small study. Smile, nod.

Leelo came with me because he had an ENT appointment right afterwards and so had already had to cancel his morning ABA session. He is now so terrified of doctors that he started crying when the nurse took my blood pressure. Poor bit. When we got to his ENT's office, he became almost hysterical and wouldn't let me take him out of his stroller--instead, he kept buckling himself back in (and it's a tricky buckle--good fine motor work!).

I had thought we were at the ENT's office merely to pluck out his remaining ear tube. Turns out that it's too deeply embedded and needs to be removed surgically. Another huge long hospital visit. AIIIGH. I am hoping that we can get this scheduled in the next three weeks, otherwise I'll need to send Seymour.

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