Because I Am Ceasing to Worry About Such Things

Here is my latest Iron Gate newspaper article, written last night. You may sense a rather cavalier attitude.

Last week I met up with the lovely Anye from the 3 Day class, and together we praised the name Iron Gate Nursery School to the Preskool Preview Evening rafters. We drew in many interested local parents and hopefully enticed several score to our upcoming Open Houses.

Anye was of course gracious and sage, expertly fielding questions from passersby in her calm, friendly way—while also handling a volley of queries from yours truly about her multilingual talents and international lifestyle (I am such the sucker for vicarious glamour and adventure).

Meanwhile, I was hopping up and down like the bug-eyed enthusiast that I am, listing the multitude of factors that make Iron Gate the excellent child- and parent-centric place we all know. "No, really, I have never encountered a school quite like Iron Gate! It is unique, like your child! The teachers are so wonderful, so experienced; the families bond so strongly-—so important for the many of us Peninsula types who’ve moved here from Far Away and miss having a support network, don’t you think?"

I had to be honest with some people, though; I do not think Iron Gate is for everyone--it really is a matter of personality as well as family circumstances. The working mom with two-year-old twins and a rather inflexible schedule might think that the school itself is marvelous, but that the parent education, fundraising, and maintenance duties are incompatible with her extremely minimal free time. I write "might" because I know many of you juggle responsibilities that would knock out a mere mortal, all without breathing a word of complaint to the rest of us.

I may have said some other outlandish things, but please know that they were purely in the interest of getting people to come to the Open Houses so they could see the school, and meet our community, for themselves. So, perhaps those of you who are working at the Open Houses can gently inform potential parents that we do not in fact feature on-site masseuses and custom-brewed coffee drinks during shift breaks. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.

(And yes, dearies; I am totally kidding. Have a great February.)

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