Bad moms coffee always perks me up. Even though Badger wasn't able to come. But Sandia came and we even got her to halfway promise to try to come regularly, so that was excellent. It is a goofy thing to write, but her positivity usually brightens up the room. I am grateful to her. Should really try to arrange more playdates with her small charge Noe, and 10 weeks younger (though 50% smaller) Mali. I think Sandia spends much of her day as a one-on-one nanny whose job could go away at any minute being quite bored yet anxious.

Worked at Iron Gate this afternoon, and it was fine. Leelo was much more on, and has been all day. Plus today he figured out that he can wave "hi" or "bye" to someone and that suffices as a salutation, even if his mouth is full and he can't talk.

Tonight is my babysitting night! Seymour is going to go hang out with Murphy and play chess, I am going to work at an Iron Gate function for two hours as I am too low on maintenance/work hours, but then me and my book and iPod are going to chow down at Litt1e Sichuan. Mmmm. I will also--thanks to the convenience that is EyeTunes--finally check out this album by this guy who went to high school, and was in marching band with Dee and me and Ms. L.A.M.B.

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