My Hero

Today that is Sage (Amiga). And not just because she handles Leelo's speech therapy sessions with such good natured aplomb. No. It is because she had the balls to stand up to Teacher P--in front of the entire class, which includes not a few people who prostrate themselves whenever Teacher P walks by--and advocate for a child who Teacher P had singled out as needing Firm Discipline. In Sage's opinion (and mine, though I hadn't articulated it as well, or in public) he is a sensitive perfectionist and NOT a problem kid. Honey, you are The Shit.

I do admire and respect Teacher P. However she can get it into her head that a certain child is a certain way, and then can react more strongly to that child's transgression than she would to another child's identical action.

Sage (and Anya, and Laurel, Iron Gate Prez) are also my heroes because they took over for me on cleaning up after The Mother of All Snacks during tonight's class. I had Mali, she was a clingy yowly (though occasionally cute and charming) baby monkey and I was of no use to anyone.

I will not be bringing Mali to any more night classes. I wouldn't have brought her tonight, but Leelo had a crappy afternoon that culminated in his kicking me in the face--square, and hard. I couldn't find a sitter to help Seymour out during my absence, and did not feel that it would be the morally responsible thing to leave all three children with a person to whom I intend to remain married.

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