Many things accomplished these past two days:

-Turned in Leelo's Special Ed application docs to Deadwood school district. Only took me two months.

-Refrained from screaming profanities at my mother after she gave me shit for "procrastinating" about installing a gift she sent Iz just last week, and wouldn't let it go even after I told her that I don't have time to clean under my fingernails or brush my hair, let alone deal with non-critical projects.

-Had coffee with buds. Aaaah. Afterwards went to look at house that I could be quite happy living in and thereby side stepping the whole two-year building process. Seymour will tour it tomorrow.

-Refrained from leaving baby strapped in high chair on back porch with door shut after she spent the past two days screaming whether I picked her up or put her down, and also refused to sleep for more than/needed to nurse every 90 minutes. Get those teeth already!

-Made arrangements to attend Grace Davis's Woolfcamp, with Mali. May leave Mali there if she keeps this up.

-Added Elsewhere to my blogroll, five weeks after the treat of meeting and chatting with her. See entry above about fingernails and hair brushing, and sincere apologies nonetheless.

-Put Leelo back on his previous high-dose B containing multivitamins. He is mostly back to his regular program and attitude (lots of occupational therapy is helping, too). He even spent a good long time playing with Seymour tonight, for the first since this last horrible phase began. He is still completely pissed off at Mali, though, and is absolutely physically hostile towards her.

-Was shamed by Iz because I cannot roll my R's perfectly, without exhaling first. I must acquire Professor Higgins's flame machine for practicing.

-Finalized Special Needs trust for Leelo so he'll be good no matter what happens to us. Also added Mali to will/trust.

-Smogged Seymour's car. This involved trading cars and so putting all three of our kids in the back of a compact car for the first time ever. No blood was spilled this time.

-Drove by house mentioned above. Sighed.

-Arranged visit to possible alternative preschool for Leelo so I can get the fuck out of Iron Gate.

-Interviewed final therapist candidate for Leelo's open Wednesday slot. Will make decision by Monday. **update** She just accepted the position! Hurrah! This means that Leelo's Wednesday afternoons are now back on track!

-Good chat with Seymour. Good for me, anyhow--he mostly sat back and listened to me natter.

-Good chat with Supervisor M this morning, about our YouCSF visit and reevaluating bits of Leelo's program and his compatibility with Iron Gate. I told her how painful it is for me to work in the classroom and see him be so separate, and different from his peers. Tried very hard not to appear as attacking her and her program, but I think she was still a bit hurt. She said she would work hard to demonstrate the value of Iron Gate to Leelo, but conceded that it might be good for him to attend for fewer days. She also stressed that she worries about him becoming a "special needs classes junkie."

She was also very reassuring about my frets re: the YouCSF analysis. Such a great person.

-Thanked heaven that Leelo's Friday afternoon therapy sessions resume next week.

Two Milestones as well:

-Mali turned 14 months old.

-Leelo used a regular seatbelt properly for the first time ever! He allowed it to drape diagonally across his torso rather than putting both arms over its top. Perhaps we will not need to use a five-point harness seat for him indefinitely. That would be cool.

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