Leelo being happier than happy during his bouncy house eighth birthday party earlier today.

The party was a huge success, with so many of our wonderful friends and their wonderful children. The cupcakes Ep and I made were wonderfully delicious even though we forgot to put the eggs in the batter. Leelo even at three bites of one! And I still have a pound of the mascarpone frosting in the fridge -- the best frosting I've ever tasted -- if anyone has an idea of what to do with it.

The two biggest joys of the party for me were 1) seeing so many children with sensory sensitivities having an unabashedly fantastic time in a completely safe environment, and 2) Leelo being so happy and in such a different aggression space than he was at DoubleTrouble's boys' birthday in June that I got to relax and let my son bounce without shadowing him the entire time.

We're so tired that we haven't even opened a single one of Leelo's presents, but who doesn't love it when birthdays get extended over more than one day?

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  1. What a very happy boy today! My favorite was when blew out his birthday candle and squeeled with joy. Thanks for letting me and my kiddos join in. In terms of teh frosting, I'll be over with my spoon.

  2. Aww, he is just glowing with joy in that picture! How sweet!

  3. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Happy birthday little man -- so glad it was all fun for you.

    And people who have birthdays the first 14 days of November rock & rule the world.

    The word verification thingy for this comment is ounrogoon. I know it is a nonsense word but shouldn't it mean something special and silly?

  4. Hooray! Happy Yesterday Birthday, Leelo. :-)

    I am so glad everything went well.

  5. (oh Liz -- can we revise so it is the people who have birthdays the first 21 days of November who rule the world? Thanks!)

  6. happy birthday to my friend, leelo.
    sorry we couldn't make it - we LOVE the bouncing!

    mama here would like to know just HOW someone forgets to put the eggs in the batter?

    vodka or merlot???

  7. Happy Birthday Leelo!

  8. So great to see him so happy! Thanks for letting us join in the celebration.



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