New Can I Sit With You? Story, Jumping Monkeys Interview, and Book!

This week's Can I Sit With You? Story is A Special Education by our own beloved Gwendomama. It's not the easiest read for those of us who have children with special needs, but it does starkly illustrate why we should badger our schools to promote inclusive attitudes from day one. Thanks, Gmama.

Gwendomama also left a comment asking how I could have forgotten to put eggs in birthday cake batter. Answer: My mind was altered, but not by alcohol. I'm running on about half the sleep I should be, because Jennyalice and I have been cranking on the manuscript for our second story collection, Can I Sit With You Too?, and finalized it the day before I made the eggless cake (which, may I emphasize for the fifteenth time, was a serendipitous delight). The CISWYII MS is now in the hands of three fantastic proofreaders. Amy F., our talented book designer, delivered the final cover last night (and I know you've already drooled over DivaLea's cover art). The book itself will be available to purchase on or around November 19.

Why November 19, you ask? Answer: That is the day Megan Morrone of Jumping Monkeys will interview me and Jennyalice about the Can I Sit With You? project. We'll be on at 4:00, so stay tuned, or download the podcast afterwards. (And our thanks to Susan for making the interview happen.)

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