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I don't normally dabble in lolcatz, much as I loooove the ICHC book and the peals of laughter that come from behind our closed bathroom door because of it. But I've had a super-crapper of a week (note continuing theme) and I am feeling a bit loopy and that makes me caption pictures of cats.

P.S. O plz vote for me!

P.P.S. Today? Today Leelo's stalwart, patient Therapist R and the usually unflappable Supervisor E (she of the specialization in behavioral management of violent behavior) both decided that Leelo's ongoing outbursts were not compatible with a successful home therapy session, so they left early (edit: and I don't blame them). Leaving me with a pissed-off Tasmanian devil Leelo in a house where both girls had friends over and dinner was only half-made. But it all worked out and no one got hurt. I think Leelo is angry about having to come home from camp and the resumptions of having demands placed on him. Who doesn't hate to come back from vacation?

P.P.P.S. You know your perspective on gratitude has become warped when you are impressed, so grateful, and happy that -- in the course of grabbing a fistful of mess and rubbing it on the wall of his room -- your son managed to not get one speck of mess on his pajamas or sheets. (That really is impressive, though, don't you think?)

P.P.P.P.S. I am tired of special needs catalogs that sell outdated or standard-issue equipment and materials and software for 500% over markup because it is therapeutic. Talk about exploiting a vulnerable community! We got Leelo a CD-ROM software program that I will call CrappityCrappity, to help him with his mouse skills. It was not cheap. And I kid you not, it is software I could have made myself in Macromedia Director, in 1996. Seymour took one look at it and calculated that it was programmed at the cost of one dollar per minute. My anger at being swindled is only slightly moderated by Leelo's honest delight in the program, which makes me think that I need only brush up my skillz, and I'll be an autism and special needs interactive mogul! At the very least I could set Leelo up with some cool customized programs.

P.P.P.P.P.S. It's not really Shia who is going to be replaced -- Medianoche is the rug-pisser -- but the latter cat does not pose for any lens.

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  1. Anonymous5:02 AM

    AGH to it all.

    Impressive that there was no mess on the jammies, for sure.

    And, BTW- not very nice of them to leave you like that. Talk about feeling naked and vulnerable. Yikes. Glad it worked out with no injuries!

  2. Mia, I would have left early, too. Except I couldn't! *rimshot*

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Why in the world would they leave? Typically that is when most supervisors and therapists would stay even longer, work through the behavior, make sure they left on a positive note and be certain that he wasn't getting the message that his behaviors were effective in getting rid of people, therefore increasing the behavior even more. Hope they didn't get paid for THAT session.

  4. Sorry they left early. I can only try to imagine.

    And I feel your special needs catalog wallet abuse pain.

    I just ordered a set of silly straws, a set of (PLASTIC BIRTHDAY TYPE) horns, and a tiny vibrating stick (Zvibe) to the tune of....$103. And let us not forget the 'other' cheek vibrator. $20.

    NOBODY is getting Christmas presents.

    (Have a straw?)

  5. Anonymous9:06 AM

    We bought an old copy of Backyard Baseball at GameStop to help with mouse skills. It's fun, too!

    Our guy was recognized for finishing grammar games during second-grade computer lab before the rest of the class last week, no less. :)

  6. Cute picture! I voted for you!

  7. @divaughn Backyard baseball. Excellent. Thanks for the tip. I should really make use of the used games at GameStop. Thanks for coming by.

    @jo Thanks! I have no idea how ichc works, but woo-hoo!

    @gmama I have a really good idea for free xmas gifties (free for making) if you want to knooooow...Jennyalice has an idea for righting the wrongs of these therapeutic carpetbaggers.

    @my anonymous friend. Normally I would agree with you. We do not reinforce negative behavior, yes? But there were extenuating personal circumstances for both professionals and they were not up for dealing with a completely out-of-control boy. I'll try to put up a post with details later this week.


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