Thoughts on the New Can I Sit With You? Story: Cootie Girl, by Beatrice M. Hogg

This week's Can I Sit With You? story is Cootie Girl, by Beatrice M. Hogg. Beatrice tells it straight and true, lets us know how it felt to be the child who -- because she was different in many ways -- had the "cooties," bad. Few children would risk catching those cooties to be her friend, and those who did sit next to her were mostly trying to copy her test answers. Even so, the story ends on a cheeky and upbeat note.

Jennyalice and I hear, over and over, how deeply people are touched by Can I Sit With You? stories like Beatrice's, how their heart aches for those children of injustices past, how they wish they could go back in time and help, be those children's friends.

I agree, some of our stories are hard to read. But I would also say that it is even harder to take those feelings of love and righteous indignation and put them into action in your present life. Today I would ask you to walk that walk, to keep your heart open, and to make an extra effort to be tolerant and kind to the quirky kids who have grown up to be quirky adults.


Our next collection of stories, Can I Sit With You Too?, is almost ready for publication. You'll see balloons and hear fireworks in the next few days.

P.S. Our CISWY Jumping Monkeys interview for today has been cancelled, as Megan Morrone has gone on hiatus in order to spend more time with her family. Good luck, Megan!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Squid. It's too easy to "forget" that the coworkers, acquaintances, etc that we are so busy judging and disrespecting are often just bigger versions of the quirky kids we "wish" we had been nicer to as children.


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