Good Day or Bad Day? Revisited

Here's a visual follow up on Worst Day/Best Day, as illustrated by Leo:

Leo's Happy Face on a Happy Day!

Leo drew this happy face and wrote his name spontaneously after a day in which we went hiking, went to his favorite restaurant for lunch, and on his first day out of school. What a happy, happy face he drew! I didn't necessarily associate it with having a good day; I figured this iteration of a happy face was his standard version until...

Leo's Unhappy Faces on an Unhappy Day

...we had a bad day. He and his sisters didn't get along, we didn't get to go on a hike, I had to drag him on unexpected errands after he was already done erranding for the day. After we finally came home and he got to relax for a bit, I had him do a few activities (dot-to-dots, simple mazes), then had him turn the printouts over to draw on the back.

First he drew the decidedly UNhappy face in the upper left-hand corner.

I said, "Leo, can you draw a happy face?"

He drew the unhappy face on the top right.

I drew the happy face in the lower left and said, "Leo, this is a happy face. See the smile? It's like a U. Can you draw a happy face?"

Leo drew the still very unhappy face in the lower right hand corner. He knew exactly how to draw a happy face, but sure as hell wasn't going to do it if he wasn't feeling happy!

Excellent communication, methinks. Smart boy.

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  1. Smart kid indeed! Your son is wonderful and so are you. :-)


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