Paimon for Seymour's 40th

Paimon for Craig's 40th Birthday

As made manifest by Lea Ada Franco, a.k.a. Lea Hernandez. We had the pleasure of hosting Madama Franco as a houseguest last summer; at that time Seymour introduced her to the world of Ysabeau Wilce's Flora Segunda. M. Franco enjoyed visiting Califa so much that she did some illustrated imaginings and sent them to the author, who summarily posted one on her own blog. Seymour thought it was all just grand and secretly coveted the Paimon imagery, so M. Hernandez graciously created a unique painting for Seymour's 40th birthday. The scan above doesn't do justice to the original watercolor's luminosity: you'll have to come over to see that for yourself.

And, OMG: PIG!!!!

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