Leo Camp Dispatches

We are not supposed to call Leo's camp under any circumstances except emergencies. So you can imagine the intensity with which my chest exploded each time the phone rang with the camp's caller ID. KA-BOOM! POW!

Thankfully neither call was about an actual emergency, the kind that would require us to remove our extremely lazy selves from this mountaintop.

One was a question: What the hell does your kid eat? My answer: since there's an anaphylactic peanut allergy at camp and he mostly eats PB&J sandwiches, not a hell of a lot. I told them that it would be okay if he spent six days surviving on bread, bananas, apples, and the yogurt I sent in to be mixed with his meds. It's camp. Now that I know the camp does food allergies lockdowns, I'll send extra food (veggie booty, extra yogurt etc.) just in case, for next time.

The second call was to let me know Leo got bitten by another camper. No broken skin, and Leo's fine. But he'll have a mark. My reaction: I had to stop myself from laughing. Not that it wasn't serious, but -- they're calling me for that? There's no way his injury could be worse than the bite marks & black eyes from a recent Lucy/Mali brawl. He's likely forgotten about it already. Seymour and I think Leo probably tried to swipe someone else's food.

I can't wait to find out what else transpired at camp when we talk to his aide during Friday's pickup.

Meanwhile, Seymour and I have two plans for today: 1) Truckin' down the Truckee & 2) Dinner & libations with Jennyalice's wonderful sister Demanda & her pastorly partner. Mmm, vacation!


  1. I laughed too when the school called to tell me my son had been bit. After all, he had been expelled from K for biting another kid, so I figured payback was appropriate. ;-)

    Hope camp has been fun!

  2. My understanding is the phonecall rule is no more than 3x per day. I call a few times during the week to get instant peace of mind. They never have a problem with it.

  3. Ahh, so glad the calls were nothing too "serious" and that you can keep enjoying your vacation! which camp is it (for future reference) So good to meet you last week!

  4. enjoy your time without being quite so on guard!

  5. I had to tell you that I just got my copies of your books...and my 10 year old daughter LOVES them.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and I am delighted that it's going well at camp. You can now remove your heart from your throat.


  6. I am glad that you and S. are having a good time in the mountains.

    Leelo has also been known to eat pancakes soaked in maple syrup & English muffins, toasted sans butter.

    And biting that doesn't leave a mark? Does that even count?


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