Mali Is Officially a Kindergartener

She's off! We have a kindergartener at Esperanza!

Mali didn't seem particularly sad when Seymour, Iz, my mom, and I left her behind in her new classroom, with her new teacher who is super super cute and embodies all the best kindergarten stereotypes: she's kind, energetic, playful, and loving. The teacher had us trace our kids' hands, then color in a birthday cake with their name and birth date. Serious fun. Love it.

We anticipate a standard Mali take on her first day of kindergarten. Not a lot of great listening, much fun nonetheless, and a somewhat surreal spin on what may or may not have occurred.

Here's our kindergartener:

India's First Day of Kindergarten

For contrast, here's Leo's first day of kindergarten. He still uses this backpack but now it doesn't make him look so Lilliputian:

Leelo's First Day of Kindergarten

Here's Z's first day at Esperanza (though she started in first grade, having somehow finished kindergarten and preschool simultaneously):

Zelly's First Day at Adelante


  1. Mali looks like she's ready to rule the school! LOL

  2. Mali is one son-of-a-gun!

  3. Although I have been to five (5) fabric-purveying venues, none have had the requisite gold for Ms. Mali. One had silvery pearly satin w/gold applique, but as much as I adore your daughter, $175/yard with a 5 yard minimum seemed...over the top.

    However, gold, gold, gold gold, gold, gold, gold gold gold, gold, gold is still on my shopping list.

    Still haven't hit Britex or another fab. store. Stand by.


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