Early '80s Designer Jeans Memories

I wrote today's Can I Sit With You? story, Gloria Vanderbutt. It's about my junior high school designer jeans obsession. An excerpt:
My parents didn’t understand how my heart ached for designer jeans. I wanted them. I needed them. When friends had me over to show off their new jeans, I would palm the discarded informational tags so I could take them home and pore over them: “The Sassoon fit is extremely tight! You may need to lie on your back, on the floor, in order to zip them up.” I resented my plain beige Health-Tex trousers, which came with no such warning labels.
Do you remember designer jeans fever? Did you succumb to it? Did you ever peg your jeans? Or wear jeans with zippers on the ankles? If so, please take a look at the story, and leave a comment on that site, should you be so inspired.


  1. Blast from the past! Heck yes I did those things! I coveted the "designer jeans" but could never afford them.

    Best peg: Wrap denim around ankle tightly, secure with two safety pins, pull socks up over jeans and scrunch 'em down.

    Love the post- you have me cracking up and wanting to "pouf" my bangs.

  2. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Blew a whole lot of baby-sitting dough on those stupid things, because Mom and Dad were totally against them! (A waste of money and unhealthful!)

    Good times! :):)

  3. the styles have changed somewhat over the years, but many of us are still busting our butts to get our hands on new designer jeans!


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