New & Upcoming: Alison Singer Q&A; Oh, Internet!; Teen Bullying

Got me a new post up on BlogHer, about how there is no reason for those of us with special needs in our lives to be sad and lonely if we have internet access. We can be sad and lonely TOGETHER! I jest, but seriously, people -- if you're feeling isolated, Twitter and Yahoo! Groups are just waiting for you to plunge into their warm, squooshy, welcoming depths. I have specific recommendations in the post, but don't forget to leave a comment about your own favorite online special needs community resources, too.

Can I Sit With You? has a new post, as well, with guest input from tween and teen social skills and advice expert Annie Fox. She covers four frequently asked teen bullying questions, with ideas for what kids can do in each scenario. Meaty stuff. Check it out and let us know what you think about her take on teen troubles.

On October 6th I'll be doing a BlogHer Q&A with Alison Singer, founder and president of the Autism Science Foundation. Whether Ms. Singer makes you cheer or spew nastiness, I am certain that you, like me, are curious about the direction and goals of the Autism Science Foundation, why it was founded, and how it will differ from Autism Speaks. Read Ms. Singer's own perspective on the "driving off a bridge" statement in the Autism Every Day video, neurodiversity, and autistic heterogeneity, then send me your questions or leave them in the comments before September 27th.

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