Salt Mining, Special Needs & Hygiene

So, I have a new job. Unlike the parenting and the volunteering, it results in dollars in my pocket, and in contrast with my BlogHer Contributing Editor gig, I'll be compensated per hour, rather than per deliverable. It's slightly more than half-time, it's from home, and it's flexible -- really, what else can an already-busy parent ask for?

I envision a new era of time management and conscripted child labor in Casa Rosenberg. Leo is getting really good at helping me with the laundry and folding his clothes, and even Mali can set the table. Long-indulged Iz needs a bit more prodding, but is generally amenable to pitching in as long as she's not experimenting with whiny, resentful tweener mode.

By the by, my last BlogHer article was about special needs and hygiene. Really frank talk about how topics like circumcision (or un-), dental care, and toileting skills can be affected (or not) by special needs, and how we parents have to be extra-cautious about underestimating or smothering our kids' self-care skills. I'd love to have more voices join the discussion.


Respectful disagreement encouraged.