A Fifth Birthday Party for a Third Child

Mali's fifth birthday party was nine days ago. Half of the wrapped presents our lucky girl was given are still in the back of the car, a third of them are on the dining room table, and Mali opened up two -- one a cherished package of all possible sparkly accessories, from Jenijen & Willow.

This is how things have been lately. An avalanche of goodness that we're too overwhelmed to process.

I have to laugh, remembering Iz's 5th birthday party. She created her own superhero, Super Jill, who was superstrong and had a cape with magic gold dust pockets and could levitate objects, specifically evildoing egrets. Her party invitations were mix CDs fronted by an original Super Jill cartoon. Her favors were custom Super Jill comics/coloring books, with story by Iz and illustrations by me. My mom and I made her an actual Super Jill costume. There was a pinata, a bouncy house, 80 or so guests, and Chris Molla was the entertainment:

By contrast, Mali's 5th birthday party took place at a local bouncy house establishment. We booked it, 20 of her friends and their families showed up, we brought in cake and cupcakes, and everyone was in and out in two hours. Everyone also had a fantastic time. I suspect the only real difference between Iz's and Mali's parties was the level of adult involvement, not kid enjoyment. Lesson learned!


For Mali's party, the kids (even Leelo) decorated the party favors themselves: a blank jigsaw puzzle and packet of 8 crayons, in a custom-illustrated & be-stickered ziploc bag (thank you, teacher supply store).

Happy birthday girl Mali got a pink dinosaur cake (made by my mom, with scrumptious maraschino cherry cream cheese frosting). Seymour also made her chocolate cupcakes "just like Leo's."

The kids all jumped themselves semi-senseless, and then were revived by cake. Mali got to be the girl in the giant birthday chair to whom everyone sang Happy Birthday (and then shared her chair with Jennyalice's Lucy).

A much easier and still very joyous birthday party! I just need to figure out when we're going to open those gifts...

(As you can see, the adults had their own toys.)


  1. Melissa12:37 AM

    You are so blessed.
    She is a doll.
    Wish I had one of those too.

  2. Just goes to show that it isn't the amount of "stuff" as much as the amount of LOVE you put into the party (and the raising of the chilren) that makes all the difference. :-)

    Maybe you should have her open one present a day?

  3. Laughing at your photo of the parents on their iphones. Had the exact same experience at a recent party, probably at the same location (Belmont Pump It Up?). Happy 5th birthday to your little one.

  4. What a fun time! I also believe the kids have just as much fun at a two-hour, simple party as they do at an all-day, all-out party. Your little sweetie looks so happy and loved! :-)

  5. you are very blessed having those beautiful little kids... they are so wonderful...very beautiful angels you have...

  6. It was a good party! And yes, Anita, we were exactly where you think we were. :)


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