Scenes From a Family Who Travels



 Don't let the swimming kids fool you, folks -- it was 51°F outside. But the pool and hot tub are heated and hey, it's Vegas (proof in the skyline behind that happy happy otter/dolphin boy). People do unexpected things. 

Leo is having a good day today, still. The visual schedule, which Seymour had to remind me to bring (frazzled travel prep brain) has made it much easier for him to adapt to a new environment, and moderate any displacement anxiety. He is soothed by his favorite dinosaur puzzle from our friend Charlie, and a couple of new sensory toys. We have swimming and hiking out the back door, so all that energy has a place to go. We are still very much in a 1:1 me-or-Seymour scenario, but his outbursts have been few, entirely understandable, and easily defused.

Seymour and I are tired but pleased, and so grateful to get spend time with his parents. Fingers crossed, so tightly. If this trip succeeds, what could Leo succeed at next? We're trying dinner out with the grandparents tonight. They have no problem with Leo needing to leave early, but definitely want to make the attempt.

So grateful for such a supportive family, both sides, every tier.


  1. Oh dolphin boy oh otter boy swim! Swim like the wind!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Beautiful. How amazing to have an understanding and supportive family. That's everything. Thanks for the updates.

  3. this entry made me cry too! I love that your family both wants to try AND is ok if it doesn't work out

  4. Well, I don't know about Kristen but this sure made ME cry. You are such an inspiration to me, Shannon. Your approach to situations, your willingness to step back and regroup, to wait it out and try again. Leo's lucky in his parentage, for sure.

    These photos are such an awesome (as in enormous magnitude, NOT "like, du-ude") reminder to me that anything is possible with Nik and for Nik if I'm willing to let go of the when and how and to keep trying.

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    We're rooting for you guys. Have an awesome time! - cat

  6. Beth, we went underground for years. We rearranged our reality with the understanding that there were no guarantees. We're lucky for now, things may change. And we're reveling in these precious moments. Such treats! Leo is having a wonderful time; not tolerating, not adjusting, but honestly enjoying himself. His happiness is our narcotic!

    Everyone else, your support, you know how much it means because you *know*. Quintuply-folded thanks.

  7. I checked in to see how you were and I am so pleased to hear how your trip is!

  8. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Yeah, okay. Sobbing. Happiness does that to me. And really, above all, I am so happy for you in this moment, this place, surrounded by family and feelings of such joy.

  9. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  10. So wonderful! Good luck and have fun!

  11. To swim in that pool, so magnificent---and the whole trip too!

    (So glad Leo likes the dinosaur puzzle, it was a Charlie-favorite once upon a puzzle.)


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