Happy Boy at 30,000 Feet

Couldn't ask for a better, happier traveler at this moment in time. Now we just need to work on his slightly demonic younger sister. P.S. We are on the plane right now and I heart Virgin America Air.


  1. slightly demonic? I think I've heard my 11 yr old refer to her 4 yr old sister in that manner...

  2. Not demonic at all .... just a very smart little girl! Cognitive skills outstripping social / self-regulation skills. Or as we say, executive function....

    I wish you a happy happy time out there in the desert.

  3. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Thrilled for all of you!! Enjoy every minute!!

  4. Yay a couple times over!

  5. :)

    @liz, she has had far too much positive reinforcement of negative behaviors from well-meaning people who are afraid to assert themselves with other peoples' children while I've been distracted with her brother. Defiance is her standard. I am not liking it. And I am feeling guilty about being so frequently distracted and allowing the monster-making to happen.

    Not denying she is smart. Asked her how she knew her basic mathematical operations and fractions, she learned them last year at preschool, duh Mommy!

    Sometimes I am very afraid of her.


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