Happy 30th Birthday Buffy Summers!

Tonight Iz and I went to our beloved Isotope Comics for Buffy Summers' 30th birthday celebration (thank you GeekGirlCon!). We didn't stay for the Once More With Feeling Karaoke as we were already comproming Iz's school night bed time, but we did get to check out some slayeriffic cupcakes from the onsite contest (and Mali drew her own Slayer scenarios but insisted I give them to Isotope's proprietor and I forgot to scan them first). Our favorite cupcakes were in the graveyard tableau above. 

Other selections (click pix to enlarge):

Zombie Flesh 'Cake

The "Cup-Stake"

"Bitten" cupcake

Vampire Repellent Cupcake (w/garlic whipped cream!)

And, despite my half-hearted promise to myself to resist buying anything ... I simply had to have Marvel's new all-women-created Girl Comics collection, as our own dear Lea Hernandez has a Wolverine story therein. Girl Comics is so cool that it may replace Seth Mnookin's The Panic Virus as my under-the-pillow book.

In other news, Seymour is still trying to get me to eat foraged mushrooms and I keep upping my exclamations of disbelief; in the past two days Leelo ate both baked pork bun dim sum and a piece of pepperoni, which makes me keep turning around to look for flying monkeys; and I interviewed Mr. Mnookin about The Panic Virus for The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism (important read, I learned a lot, go now, more about the issues the book covers later).

I can't believe Buffy is 30! Can you believe Buffy is 30?


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    That's bloody awesome!

    Pun intended. :)

  2. As a Buffy fan, I am incredibly jealous. Love it.


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