iPad Apps for Autism: A Spreadsheet of Reviews and Recommendations

Instead of making folks ferret out multiple posts for apps info, I've put together a categorized spreadsheet of iPad apps for autistic people -- the ones that work for Leo, yes, but eventually lots of other apps as well.

The spreadsheet includes the apps I've reviewed on this site and on BlogHer so far -- with prices, iTunes links to full and lite (free) versions, and review URLs when available. The spreadsheet will be updated frequently, as our apps backlog is burgeoning and many reviews are forthcoming. So save the spreadsheet URL [http://is.gd/12ygv8] or this post's URL!

If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.

UPDATE 1/24: The spreadsheet will include reviews and recommendations from Corina Becker of The Autistic Adult App Project and No Stereotypes Here, and Jordan Sadler, SLP of Communication Therapy.

UPDATE 5/2017: I am no longer updating the spreadsheet, but am leaving this page here as an archive resource.


  1. I think this is great iPad Apps for Autism. I really like this. Thanks.

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  3. Nice list of apps for children with autism. I am an elementary autism teacher. I have posted my app recommendations.

  4. Thanks so much!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I have an 8 year old daughter with autism and I'm about to purchase an I Pad for her. You saved me a lot of work.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hurrah! Glad you're all finding it useful. Keep checking back, we'll be updating frequently.

  6. Great..I loved your article by the way..Your son reminds me of my daughter. She too has a food obsession. I'm so looking forward to getting her the I Pad. Thanks again.

  7. Thank you so much Shannon. I am trying out the free ones to gain my 8 year old son's interest.

  8. My son Benjamin (12 yrs old) loves "Stack the States" an educational/geography/puzzle game based on the 50 states. If your child is into maps/geography he/she will love this app. Hey, I learned a few things too!

  9. The apple I Pad, will soon be replacing paper and multiple textbooks within all public schools.

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  10. Just wanted to say thank you for such an extensive list and great additional resources!

  11. Thanks Brad. But please read our linked reviews and/or the iTunes reviews before making purchase decisions!

  12. Anonymous8:33 AM

    thank you! Just what I have been looking for!

  13. Got an ipad yesterday for Harri, this list is fantastic Shannon. Expect to see some blog traffic coming from down under over the next few weeks.

  14. I love your list but there is one more resource you can mention that helps families get an iPAD. Check out http://thepuzzlingpiece.com/. I am doing the challenge right now and we are half way to our goal.

  15. This is awesome! At a PPT today, a parent mentioned that she was getting an Ipad for her son and asked about apps. I would love to be able to scale down your list to apps that are appropriate for this student's needs. Is there a way I can get a downloadable copy that can be edited?

  16. Great work! Would you mind if I linked to this in a post I'm planning for our new iPads4autism_ie blog?


  17. Thankyou so much for that list, I actually passed it onto a co-ordinator for the Autism Info line in my state and she has passed it onto several of her contacts, all of whom have written back to say what a fantastic resource it is.

  18. Bryan8:34 PM

    Hello Shannon,
    Thank you for taking the time to collate this list - it must have taken so much time, but in doing so you have saved us all so much of ours. Best regards, Bryan.

  19. Thank you Shannon for compiling and sharing such a robust list of apps.

    I have worked with the special needs community for over two decades. The itouch, iPhone and the iPad have impacted the special needs community like I’ve never seen before.

    Children with autism have a range of needs dependent on their ability and goals. Finding apps that fulfill their needs while meeting their ability is a huge task unto itself. Having worked with many children over the years I have been able to experiment with different apps or a collective set of apps to achieve individual goals.

    I share these apps in my soon to be released book “Apps For Autism” published by Future Horizons, a leader in books on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. You can order your copy through my website,
    ProActive Speech Therapy or these other sources, Future Horizons and Amazon
    Stop by ProActive Speech and see videos and read articles on iTherapy success stories.

  20. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Shannon, this is wonderful. I will be emailing you soon, as I publish a magazine for special needs families, free, called Something Special Magazine. You can find it online at www.somethingspecialmagazine.com. I would love to speak with you regarding an idea i have for an article. If you don't hear from me, please email me at Katrina@somethingspecialmagazine.com. THanks.

  21. Thanks for all your extensive listing for apps for autism. Children's Publishing and www.SpeechPathologyApps.com is developing apps for reading. Having worked as a speech therapist with children diagnosed with autism I feel this series of apps will benefit them. The skills are hierarchical and the targeted skills are repeated (much like ABA but with interactivity for interest). The first is Fat Cat App (addressing the consonant-vowel-consonant short vowel) and the next to come on the store soon is Bat in the Cave (consonant-vowel-consonant with silent "e") and then many more levels to come. I was wondering if you or a member of your team would like a promo code to review Fat Cat App. You can contact me either through this email or the contact form on www.SpeechPathologyApps.com. Thanks again for your work here.

  22. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I would like to draw attention to our new app, called iPicto, for iPhone, iPod Touch

    and iPad.
    This app is designed to guide people with a (mental) disability, with or without
    dementia/alzheimer, asperger, autism and / or a disorder in communication.

    This new app iPicto is also a very good tool in learning a way of communication,

    for example speech difficulties.

    I refer you for further information, visit the App Store.

    See for it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ipicto/id423225072?mt=8&ls=1

    Thank you for attention,


    Erwin van den Hout
    The Netherlands

  23. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Try U-Sync Video Scheduler! It's the new visual scheduling app for kids with autism that you control from the Internet! Very cool... And made by BGSU!

  24. Here is a new aac app that you might be interested in looking into. It is called use2talk. Working with a very experienced AAC expert we developed this ipad app for our son that is non verbal in the spectrum. My son had used some AAC devices and when the ipad came out we thought it would be great for him but we did not see anything at his level, some were too simple and some were too complicated. We developed use2talk, which is really easy to use. You can take photos directly with the ipad and in a couple of steps place them in the program and record sounds so that you can use the image right away. It has many features, all of the stuff that we wanted to have for our son. He uses it at home and at school, approved and supported by his speech therapists and we think that it is an alternative to kids like him that cannot yet read or type.

  25. Great list of autism apps, I am a Kids developer and we have a focus on early learning and educational musical apps. I would love for you to check out our new app, "Over In The Meadow: Sing Your Numbers"

    Video: http://youtu.be/qHai8_mGqVo

    We are all about supporting a tasteful and immersive environment for kids. Contact me if you would like a promo code!


  26. We recently created a new app called Conversation Coach which teaches the back and forth flow of a conversation. You can create your own conversations or use one of the premade ones. This app can also be used as an AAC device and includes 1,400 images from the Picture This CD.
    A free version is available as well as the full version which includes the editor.

  27. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Thank you so much for this list. We recently bought an iPad for my daughter's 6th birthday. Honestly, I have held off for so long because I was intimidated and fearful that she wouldn't respond to it. Fortunately, she has really enjoyed it and your list has been absolutely vital to me. I'm so grateful. -Beth in NY

  28. It is very nice and useful information For All users and children.I would like to draw attention to our new app, called iPicto, for iPhone, iPod Touch.

    Thank you very much Autism

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  31. As iPad came in market many fields started using it for the ease of work and education system is one of it. I think that use of iPad/tablet makes education more entertaining, and people with Autism needs it most. Work you've done is really appreciable and helpful to one who are in search of some good apps for such people.

  32. A free android app that is worth considering is "Talking English". It encourages the user to speak, it listens and gives feedback in a game-like environment.

    The user doesn't need be able to read to use the app.
    So it is suitable for young children who are having difficulty learning to speak.

  33. I am professional developer at Perception System, and I personally found your share iPad apps for Autism for iPad users wonderful. As the list of iPad applications are completely best as you have mentioned all the necessary apps. Cheers for this detailed post!

  34. The worksheet link does not work anymore. Do you have it stored at a different location?

    1. I fixed it, let me know if it works for you or not.


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