Iz: Twelve Years of OMG RAINBOWS

Our Iz is going to be twelve tomorrow. I'm not sure how we're even supposed to conceptualize that.

This is what she looked like the month before I started this blog. She was four and couldn't have been more scrumptious. 

Here is what she looks like now, and if you can identify the mushroom she's holding, I'll send you its spore print:

More than anything, more than a hair straightener or new Astonishing X-Men comic, she wanted her birthday to feature Maria's edible rainbow cupcakes. But I am lazy awful mom and didn't want to deal with a straightforward yet logistically complicated recipe, so I did something slightly evil. I suggested she ask her Godfather Michael, who has publicly expressed his disdain for cupcakes, if he would bake them with her. Her indulgent godfather said Yes! I cackled, and scheduled the party for today.

See how much fun she's having? Much more fun than if I had been in charge, grumpily barking out orders in reluctant Kitchen Commander mode.

The girls and Michael did all sorts of batter layering and patterning experiments.

Michael may not like cupcakes, but once he gave his word, he was committed to excellence. Note look of professional concern.

They were awesome! Michael, Iz, Mali, and Iz's friend Clarice made cream cheese frosting, because we're always looking for an excuse. If you ever hesitates on a frosting decision within earshot, you will get strong-armed into a cream cheese option. Consider yourself warned.

The final onsite party event was a collaborative mosaic. The kids were given individual panels to decorate however they liked -- panels that looked quite random individually. It wasn't until we put them together that everyone recognized the picture of Iz (the 'shroom pic from above). Iz and her friends got a real kick out of the whole process, which was a relief as I am all about the cheap homespun fun. I don't think they noticed they were having cheap homespun fun.

And then Jennyalice, Ep's husband Clyde, and I took Iz and ten friends to see the Green Hornet which was as witty and amusing as io9 promised but also remorselessly, thoughtlessly violent thought I might not be the best judge as shepherding those kids -- who are good, obedient kids but also top-volume human ping-pong balls -- brought me as close to a panic attack as I've been in years. But I would still do it all over again. Because Iz said it was a fantastic day. And that was the goal.

Happy birthday, amazing girl.

(And because I am her mom I have to crow that she won the middle school spelling bee and no she is not in the oldest grade in her school. And that her prize was a language course and she chose Latin. And that I think she's just great. Really great. Proud to be her mom on so many levels.)


  1. Seems like Iz had a summa of a party!

    The cakes, the mosaic, everything!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girl! She's gorgeous, by the way. I can barely put my mind around a nine-year-old, I can't even imagine 12.

    Sounds like a GREAT day!

    Also, how did you do the mosaic? Because I badly want to do them for my kids.

  3. Annette LaComb8:38 AM

    What a beautiful young lady! Congratulations!

    Love the cupcake idea. What could be better than eating your science/art project?

    I'd love to know how you made the mosaic as well.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I don't suppose you'd be willing to send me a cupcake?

  5. First,that mosaic is awesome. Please please post how you did it. Happy Birthday to iz. She's a beautiful young lady.

  6. Anonymous3:12 PM

    She is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl! And the party sounds fantastic--the mosiac and the cupcakes, and wow! the spelling bee and Latin.

    You should be proud.

  7. Anonymous4:58 AM

    What an amazing birthday! I love the cupcake idea, too. We're all crowing about it, it seems. :) I do like the picture mosaic and would love to know how you managed to do that. I think it would be a fantastic idea for a few groups I run.


  8. Me too on the mosaic. I'd love to do something like that at a party.

  9. Thanks all. Mostly I am in love with her innate kindness.

    Will post mosaic instructions tomorrow afternoon. I did it by hand, though I'm sure there are programs out there that will do it automatically -- I didn't have the patience. It'll be a good way to see if I still have that ol' tech writer mojo.

  10. She's gorgeous and those cupcakes look amazing. Totally making those for my daughter's birthday.

    Happy birthday!

  11. Two things are alarming to me at the moment:

    1. That Z is becoming more grown up-looking every time I see her. I am not ready for such things.

    2. That I would reflexively set aside my issues with cupcakes and rainbows the instant Z asked me to.

    I hope to God she never asks me to rob a bank.

    She's a marvelous young lady. I look forward seeing how she turns out.

  12. I had such a great time at the party. Apparently I am made to chaperone (well-behaved) pre-teens.

    We love your family so much, and while she's not mine, I love watching Iz grow into such a fantastic tween.


  13. Now I totally want both those cupcakes and that art project at my next birthday part--they're so cool!

  14. Okay, so those are the coolest looking cupcakes ever!

  15. Ok, so now I know what I am doing this week for "Charlie Fun" day! My youngest and I have a date once a week, those cupcakes will be a huge hit. That mosaic is amazing, what a wonderful idea. I am going to steal that idea too!


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