Mali: Powerpuff Girls Vs. Angry Clouds

Mali created her own PowerPuff girls battle after seeing two episodes and deciding that they are her new heroes. She says she created these villains, the Angry Clouds. I'm loving the detail and variety, especially the different clouds (click to enlarge). Also love having a self-directed kid who is perfectly happy spending hours with a pen and a piece of paper and her imagination.


  1. You know I produced Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo's Clone Zone and actually met the voice of Mojo Jojo.

    Dave did placeholder audio for the game at first and was the first Mojo Jojo we heard. I had at one point the CD of the version with Dave's VO.

    Powerpuff Girls are awesome - warner bros is very specific about stuff like the size of their flight color lines, etc...

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