FirstWords: Leo's App Instincts Are Right On

In case you doubt Leo's app instincts: FirstWords, a favorite app of his from day one, the app he's playing in the video below -- which I took for my original iPad "Near-Miracle" article on BlogHer, and which was featured in the Wall Street Journal and MacDailyNews -- recently achieved one million downloads.

FirstWords is a great app -- as I said at the time, "Leo loves First Words because it's fun and easy. I love it because he's learning to spell words, and the interface makes that learning error-free." Cheers to LearningTouch for getting the business they deserve, and for making apps that really can help kids like Leo learn.

Learning Touch sent me five celebratory FirstWords codes to give away, but you'll have to state your case to me on Twitter/@shannonrosa, rather than here.


  1. Sounds like a great app. I SO want an iPad for my guy. Hoping we can afford one sometime.

  2. Thanks for that. Off to spend more money in the apps store :)

  3. Error-free learning is perfect for these guys - no negative reinforcement is a good thing! Thanks - I'm always looking for great app suggestions!


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