New York City, Beware!

This girl is going to be unleashed on New York City in three days. Where should she go? She's decided that the only guide she needs is Eloise -- because Eloise, like her, is six years old -- but who also limits our choices somewhat. Specifically, to the Plaza. There's a bit more to see in that town, I've been telling her.

Though we will of course go to the Plaza for tea tea tea.


  1. And all New York eagerly awaits her arrival. Though I agree there may be a few more sites to see in NY, I must side with India on the difficulty of competing with afternoon tea ala Eloise.


  2. Dylan's Candy Bar!!!

    Max Brenner's!!!

    Alice's Tea Cup!!

    Arthur Ave. in the Bronx (the non-touristy Little Italy!)

    We have so many favorite spots! We hereby volunteer ourselves as tour guides = )

  3. Yay! How does she feel about mac n cheese? If she's a fan S'mac is a MUST. Gotta hit up FAO too!

  4. Thanks for all the excellent ideas, Mari & Molly -- we feel well taken care of, virtual tour guides!

  5. whoa she is wearing a ton of gold!

    the carousel in Bryant Park.


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