Pacifica Play Time

Pacifica is such an excellently funky little town. Did you know it only incorporated in 1957? Before that each of its valleys was its own oasis of funk. In the Sharp Park neighborhood, where Iz had a soccer game this afternoon, that funkiness was on display in an delightful neighborhood playground that we will be revisiting, oh yes.

Because there were very good swings. For swinging, yes, but also for making soothing twin trenches in the tan bark.

And there were sit-upon snails. Who hasn't dreamed of getting to ride a snail?

And there were suspended wooden beam bridges for testing one's balance and trust in the universe -- could a person make it across such an unpredictable plank not just once but five or six or maybe even seven times in a row? Leo wants to assure you: it can be done.

And there was a playhouse that turned into a path that turned into a play structure that incorporated an enormous eucalyptus. Leo did several satisfying circuits.

The last few weeks have been so busy. So busy, with the IMFAR-ing and the iPad workshops and the schedule storm that is our life of late, e.g., Iz and Seymour just returned last night from a whirlwind Bar Mitzvah tour of Los Angeles.

Today, we all wanted to take it easy. Just for a day. So it was nice to simply ... play. 


  1. How cool! My sister lives in Pacifica. It's so pretty there!

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Is it me or does that snail have a Jar Jar Binks look to it? Eek. Looks like a neat playground. :)


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