iPad Workshop for New York Area Autism Families

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Hey folks! I'm going to be in New York City on Sunday June 5, leading a three hour iPads & Autism workshop/fundraiser in Soho. It will be modeled on the workshop I'm giving this Sunday May 15, post-IMFAR.

I keep hearing from autism families who want to know how iPads can best support their kids's communication, learning, and leisure. I also worry that parents get iPads for their kids with autism based on media hype, and without evaluating whether or not the device is a good fit. And there are so many tips and tricks -- do you know how to use Voiceover so your child can "read" themselves iBooks? Did you know that you don't need an app to make iPad social stories?

Here are the details. I'd be grateful if you could help spread the word:

iPads for Autism Workshop
to Benefit Reach for the Stars Learning Center
The Soho Gallery for Digital Art
New York, NY

Nationally known autism and iPad advocate Shannon Des Roches Rosa* leads this in-depth workshop on the the vital need for iPads for people with autism. Ms. Rosa will demonstrate how iPads can be a dynamic and cost-effective communication tool for autistic children and adults, and will discuss the additional benefits of the iPad as well as fundraising, research, accessories, and - of course - apps.

So if you're considering an iPad for your loved one with autism, or already have an iPad but aren't sure how best to use it, this is the workshop for you!

Workshop proceeds benefit Brooklyn's Reach for the Stars Learning Center, "dedicated to the education of children with autistic spectrum disorders utilizing every possible tool to further their development."

*I so did not write this!

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