Being Proud, Being Present: Autistics Speaking Day

Today is Autistics Speaking Day. I hope you're participating -- if so, submit your post to the official site! -- or at least listening. Really listening.

TPGA is participating with gusto: Carol Greenburg is tweeting fabulously via @thinkingautism as -CG, saying things about being autistic and parenting a child with autism that you absolutely need to read, and Liz Ditz is doing her usual fantastic post curation as -LD  on @thinkingautism and also at our site, ThinkingAutismGuide.com.

Leo's not much for opining verbally -- but I want you to know that he's here, he's not a boy who lets people ignore him, and I'm proud of him every time he does speak out and tell people what he wants.

Photo (c) 2011 Thai Chu, Alive by Shooting


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I wanted to say--not letting people ignore you, saying what you want or need, saying "no" or asking for help...that's as valuable, if not more so, than opining verbally. The point of the verbal opining, at least mine, is to build a world where what Leo does is as valued as what bloggers can do--where every day is autistics speaking day, because our communication is always listened to.

    I hope Leo, and you, have a powerful Autistics Speaking Day.

  2. Is there anything else I can add to that?! Nope. Except as a side note - that is an amazing photo.


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