Happy 7th Birthday Mali!

Mali with the "Spy Club" version
map of her school.
Happiest of seventh birthdays to our little firecracker. We are going to do our best to make the world ready for you while teaching you the art of selective compromise -- because it would be a tragedy if you let anyone convince you that your original, exuberant, creative, occasionally frighteningly cunning fabulousness is anything other than intrinsic and so very much the right way to be.

(The forgery, fondness for recruiting minions, and other black-hat path tendencies, though, we'll be watching and carefully redirecting those.)

But for today, enjoy the lobster dinner and chocolate cake you requested, along with our eternal love. You are simply wonderful.
Reading comics while rowing her boat

Foraging mushrooms. Of course.


  1. Tricia9:45 AM

    To firecracker girls everywhere: ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD (AND GOOD) SELF!

  2. A spy club? My daughter, almost seven, also created a spy club. She and her two besties, have codes/their own language etc. I thought my daughter could be the only girl alive with such an incredible imagination for her young age (of course the spy club is her brain child which she seems to rule with an iron fist).

  3. Happy birthday to my daughter's favorite partner in crime. May we all survive to see those girls have babies of their own. xoxo

  4. These spunky girls of ours will rule the world, I'm convinced. With iron fists and more fabulousness than even Beyonce could imagine.

  5. Happy birthday and may the firecrack-ness always shine brightly.


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