NY Times Autism Apps Spreadsheet Article Link Love

Leo playing Ruckus Media's
Spot the Dot iPad app.
Today's NY Times features a helpful piece from Pradnya Joshi on finding apps for people with autism. It includes a great picture of Leo, plus a link to the Apps for Autism recommendations spreadsheet I maintain with Jordan Sadler, SLP and Corina Becker.

Unfortunately, the article's link to the spreadsheet is broken (it's missing the "l" at the end of "html"). The correct link is: http://www.squidalicious.com/2011/01/ipad-apps-for-autism-spreadsheet-of.html 

UPDATE: The link is now fixed. Hurrah!

It's a good article, worth your time. And as always, I do welcome app recommendations so we can keep that spreadsheet timely and relevant.

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