Adios, 2015

Learning Speed Scrabble: Part of Mali's Grifter Training
[image: Three white people playing Scrabble
on a bright red table.]

Good bye, 2015! We are spending our evening playing Speed Scrabble. Or, some of us are. Others of us don't do board games and are writing (possibly while watching favorite movies with fellow Scrabble non-enthusiasts) in anticipation of counting down the clock with some fine, fine drinks later. Others just may be working on college applications.

But before the drinks start flowing, I have some final personal and general wishes for 2015:

1) That those of us who have been involved in advocacy and activism for a while never forget that people (disabled and non-disabled) who come from outside the autism and disability acceptance and rights models often need time to absorb what is and isn't ableist and hurtful. I've said this many times: but I don't know where I'd be without so many patient but firm role models and friends. I started out from an f'd up place, I'd like to think I do better now, and I know I'm not alone in either space. We need to be careful about who we call out, and allow people who make mistakes the opportunity to learn from them.

2) That we can successfully support Leo in his AAC endeavors. He finally has a full set up. Finally. It's all on us now, in terms of success outside school (he has fantastic support at school).

3) That Iz is happy with her college options, that I don't freak out when she leaves, and that her transition to independence is less hairy than mine was (I had some magnificent implosions in college, which is a subject for another post). She's been accepted to a couple of good places already, which comforts her greatly.

4) That Mali continues to enjoy life as a happy cello-playing, karate-loving nerdling. That the nerdling pod she joined in her new middle school continues to be a source of humor, solidarity, strength, and confidence -- the kind of group middle school misfit literary characters tend to long for.

5) That everyone subscribes to Seymour's unbelievably cool Deep Look video series on YouTube. It's a collaboration between KQED Science and PBS Digital Studios, about "exploring big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small."

6) That at least some of you consider becoming Shot@Life Champions, and joining me at the Champion Summit in Washington DC at the end of March -- "gaining the skills needed to effectively advocate for the protection of children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines where they are most needed." And meeting extremely cool people, and getting to lobby on Capitol Hill!

There's a lot more, but that's a start. Happy 2016, everyone -- and here's hoping your own wishes bear fruit.