All Done January

Not a great month. Happy to see it go away, and no encores, please. Though cool things got done this month; you can look at my Stuff I Did for Jan 2016 if you want to know what they were.

My mom stayed with us for much of January, which was a blessing and a delight, and for which I was grateful. So was Seymour, since the two of them like to have conversations all day long, while I am more sparing with my chosen social interactions.

[image: Black-and-white kitten sleeping on a red blanket]
Definitely a month in which I am grateful for cats. Especially the new kitty, Twist. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is a bonafide puppy-kitty: he fetches and everything. Sleeps on my chest, or head. Yowls if I dare to be on the other side of a closed door. Purrs like a lawn mower. Happy to be held like a sack, upside down, whatever. The other cats are dealing with the interloper, grudgingly. No matter how stressful things are, snuggling with a cat always makes me happy. HE IS WONDERFUL. He is sitting on my shoulder and purring right now.

Iz is still pondering college(s), Leo is getting many compliments on the latest additions to his cheeky t-shirts, and Mali has a new shorter 'do that makes her look like a perky bespectacled plasma ball and apparently compels everyone to touch her curls. That's pretty much all I have to report.

On to February. Please.