#SaidNoMother: Autism "Awareness" At Its Worst

It's April, that annual demonstration of how autism "awareness" can be used to hurt people like Leo. When autism awareness is deployed as a weapon—especially without autism understanding or acceptance—it enables hateful crusades like the recent anti-vaxxer autism martyr parent #SaidNoMother parade of self-congratulatory ignorance.

I already wrote about how much the performative victimhood of #SaidNoMother parents appalls me. But, as the campaign wore on (and repeated the same tweets and images ad nauseum), more countering was needed: People need to know that this crap is not acceptable.

The #SaidNoMother crew themselves seem unlikely to have epiphanies about doing right by their autistic kids any time soon, as they are mostly vapid white women of a certain class and certain inability to believe that money can't buy happiness. As I am a member of such a census category, it my duty to call out my kind when they embarrass us all in their clueless unexamined privilege: Not only regarding the irony of speaking out about vaccines when they have no experience with vaccine-preventable diseases thanks to growing up in a vaccinated cocoon, but also because they don't seem to realize that not all families have the funding to pursue expensively bogus autism "recovery" pseudoscience. And by their polluting of those autism information waters, they may lead people who don't have financial wiggle room to make choices that endanger their autistic kids' health and well being, as well as their families' economic health.

The #SaidNoMother mob is also shameless in their attempts at shaming. They told outright lies (like nonsensical "sleuthing" into my background?), and one even got her autistic kids' sibling to tell me that I'm mean for "bullying their mom." Disgusting.

It's frustrating to engage with people who are not just vehemently willfully ignorant but have ends-justify-means mindsets, as you can see in the collected tweets below. (Eventually the zealots blocked all their critics, so apologies for any missing tweets that jar threads out of context.)


[image: Tweet from Dianne Thompson @djt10, reading "Autistic people don't
exist for your abuse" you say. They apparently exist to abuse others, according
to the behavior of you and yours who claim to be autistic as an excuse to batter
victims, caretakers and their supporters."]