Off to D-land tomorrow. Why oh why did I not remember that I had an Iron Gate meeting this evening, and am working in the Iron Gate scullery tomorrow morning? (Many thanks to Badger for watching Iz as I toil at Leelo's school.) Sigh. As I told MB this afternoon, I get a special one-time caffeine dispensation in order to deal with the next 24 hours.

Iz and I will leave tomorrow as soon as Therapist L arrives at 12:30. Theoretically. We will pilot our new van--the innumerable controls of which we've yet to wrap our minds around--to the home of Seymour's El Lay brother James and his family. Dinner at The Cuban Palace on Venice (Giddy and Dee, salivate away). D-land the next day, followed by dinner at The Cheapest Mexican Restaurant on Earth (Giddy and Dee, that's another salivation cue). My brother and partner will meet us there, and I will happily unload the eight huge boxes of crap my sibling has been stashing in our garage for the past three years. Then we will pick up Leelo and Seymour from the airport. Another day of carefully marketed happiness at D-land will follow. Then to my parents' the next day, where we will happily unload Iz for a week. Then back home the next. Talk to you then.

P.S. Thanks also to Jo for keeping the fish and cats alive while we're gone.

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