Seymour shaved off his moustache! Gaaaaah!

I haven't seen his upper lip in eleven years. I thought that perhaps his clean-shaveness was a drunken mis-remembering after Ms. Jane's rollicky party of last night (Seymour hung out with Godmother Stacy instead, upon her and my request), but no--he just stumbled all blinky out of our room to see if it was Leelo who was up at this early hour, and there it was--his naked face.

He did keep the bottom lip caterpillar. Which I feel is moot--might as well let it all go, and have total baby-butt face.

Iz is off to the Dickenz fest today with Anya and Carys and their daughter India. Rah! The better for me to go totally crazy with the packing and holiday prepping before we leave for Seattle in the A.M.

Thanks again to Ms. Jane for last night's party, and for Ep's Clyde's driving me home afterwards.

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