If You Thought I Was Mopey Before...

Leelo woke up at 4 A.M. howling about his knee. By 7 A.M. he still refused to move it or himself, so Seymour helped me get him to the doctor. She poked and x-rayed the boy (Seymour took that one, bless him). The good doctor found nothing obviously wrong and pronounced it a sprain or bruise, then sent us home. It must be a pretty bad wrench to keep our quicksilver boy glued to his chair, and having to be carried everywhere (at 48 lbs he's quite a load).

We still can't figure out how he did it. He will gingerly pull himself to standing for a moment, but otherwise didn't get off the couch all day. I do have to admit it there was an unexpected bonus for this selfish mom, which was the relief of not to having to worry about where Leelo might be, or where he might be going, all day long.

Those of you who track such things will note that, owing to the conflict between the doctor's visit and Leelo's therapy session, and Therapist L having to cancel yesterday again due to continuing illness, our boy is 0 for 4 for morning therapy sessions this week. Not good for me, but even worse for our boy who really does need his sessions to ground him and give him a baseline from which to approach the rest of his life. Poor guy. And now, of course, we're on to a three-day weekend.

Next year will be better!

Though I will add that the last few weeks' entries make me sound grumpier than I am. Now that we're back home with very few events on the horizon, I'm actually feeling quite cheery. Especially with Iz home--we missed her ever so much, even though I punted her over to Merlin's house an hour after she got back.

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